Dimitris was born in Soche in Russia, where he studied Scenic Design, Calligraphy and Oil Painting. In 1991, he came to Athens and got involved with Harley Davidson’ s custom design of fuel tanks. He created his own exclusive designs. His sense of art exceeds that of any tattoo artist, he is considered more of a catholic designer. He creates sculptures, paintings and of course he has a soft spot for «ink». Tattoos are the most «living» part of fine arts. It is a privilege to own a tattoo, it is a reflection of one’s soul. Dimitris considers live flesh as a living canvas. His work is mostly appreciated by art lovers, especially those who seek something unique. All of his designs are authentic, he believes in creation and he discourages copying. He puts his soul in his work. He believes that tattoos are jewels on the naked body. They reveal lust, danger, pain, hope, happiness, the color of one’s sexuality. Even after so many centuries of human evolution, the primitive aura of tattoos continues its sensual calling.